Beauty Without Cruelty Moisturising Lipstick

moisturising lipstick

NATURAL INFUSION MOISTURISING LIPSTICK Colour rich and smooth application. Long lasting blend of organic waxes and oils enriches and protects the lips all day. If you want to create a dazzling look then having the right lip colour is top priority. BWC offers the widest choice of colours in a smooth and seductive organic base. Even better, BWC offers the only 100% vegan natural lipstick with amazing colour rich shades and sparkling nudes. Customers love the natural feeling texture of the BWC lipstick and the exceptional soft conditioning feel on the lips due to over 40% certified jojoba oil content. The lipsticks are designed for all day wear and have special properties which ensure a long lasting look for you. As with all BWC products there are no added fragrances and so this is the hypoallergenic lipstick choice for sensitive skin. Paraben free.

Available in Rosehip, Reckless Ruby, Pink Crush, Praline, Wild colours
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