Lamberts All-in-one - Strawberry Flavour Sports Shake

all-in-one - strawberry flavour sports shake
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ALL-IN-ONE - Strawberry flavour Sports Shake. High protein shake with carbs, creatine, glutamine and BCAA. ALL-IN-ONE Strawberry flavour Sports Shake is a fantastic product devised for sports enthusiasts and athletes alike. Combining high quality whey protein plus carbohydrates, glutamine and creatine and including high levels of BCAA’s, creating the ultimate product to for before training to increase endurance, or after exercise to aid recovery. Included per 65g serving: 38g of premium quality protein 6g of the essential BCAA’s to build and repair muscle A high level of carbohydrates to sustain energy levels Electrolytes to replace salts lost during exercise A full 6g of creatine to aid endurance and muscle growth 6g of Glutamine to aid recovery

Can be beneficial for Athletes, Sports Enthusiasts, Endurance, Vegetarians
  1450g   £35.94
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