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Are you one of those shoppers who blindly believe that supermarket and online shopping offer the best value? Recent events have shown that the health benefits, origin or content of what you're buying doesn't always matter to them. If you really care about your health and pocket then why not give the High Street a try at shops like ours, where you'll find friendly service, good advice, often better prices, honesty & integrity. Make us your first choice, not your last resort. You'll feel much better for it.

Located in the popular North Devon market town of Holsworthy, Nature’s Way is pleased to offer a wide range of products for your health and well-being. Favouring high quality and affordable brands from the UK's leading manufacturers and local producers, we stock an extensive range of:

* Vitamins, minerals and supplements - the modern diet is deficient in many of these essential nutrients, not helped by the poor quality of so-called 'cheap' food.
* Natural body care & toiletries, cruelty-free cosmetics - be kind to yourself and our animal friends.
* Eco-friendly clothing and household products - no need to touch or breathe in harmful chemicals.
* Sports nutrition - for the body you want.
* Gluten-free & special diet foods - many ailments can be caused by unsuitable foods.
* Local, low-mileage foods - including honey, organic eggs, ice cream, hand-crafted soaps, body care creams & lotions. We are also a collection point for our local organic fruit & vegetable box scheme.

Natway Reward Card

We are pleased to offer our own Reward Card exclusive to our shop, so your details will not be passed on to any other organisation.
How does it work? - Simple really, your card will be stamped every time you spend a multiple of 10.00. When your card has 10 stamps (= minimum spend of 100.00) you will receive 10.00 off your next purchase of 10.00 or more and be given a new card.
How does it compare? - Very favourably, no cheap giveaways such as a free coffee and you would need to spend much, much more than 100.00 to get 10.00 off every other card scheme - John Lewis/Waitrose, Tesco, Nectar etc., etc. - where rewards(?) can vary from 1.00 to 4.00 for every 100.00 you spend.
We offer the best value anywhere so what are you waiting for? It's free and it's easy - JOIN UP NOW.

Bulk buying
You can save money and packaging by buying in bulk. All dry goods (dried fruit, flakes, grains, nuts & seeds etc.) can be bought in 2kg, 3kg, 5kg, 10kg up to 25kg quantities. Other items such as teas, milk alternatives etc. can also be bought by the case - combine these with your Reward Card and your savings will soon mount up.

We are happy to help with your queries. If you know what you want, or you are coming here on holiday, let us know and we will get it in for you. You can reserve and collect any item you like. We also provide a mail order service.
Just call 01409 254325, email or find us on Facebook


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