Natural versus Artificial Beauty Products: Which Is the Better Choice?

Browse through any beauty or fitness magazine and you'll see all kinds of promises. Softer skin, whiter skin, whiter teeth, straighter hair, younger-looking skin, smaller waist, better-toned legs—all of these are offered by various beauty products out there, but their effectiveness is still to be tested.

Now, if you're tired of the unfulfilled promises from artificial cosmetics, perhaps it is time to replace them with natural beauty products that are...

Healthier for the skin.

Harsh chemicals and artificial colouring ingredients on creams and lotions have severe effects on the skin, like rashes, irritation, break-outs, and discolouration. Some people are even allergic to chemicals normally found in mainstream beauty products, which is why organic cosmetics are the healthier option.

Better for the environment.

From the manufacturing down to the packing of artificial cosmetics, there are negative side effects to the community, specifically through air and water contamination. On the contrary, processing of natural beauty products have less impact on the environment, because ingredients are farmed organically.

More effective and longer lasting.

Whitening facials, supplements, pore-minimising creams, skin vitamins, firming lotions, make-up—different kinds of beauty products have different purposes. But whatever it is, you can be sure that their effects are more long lasting if they are made from natural ingredients.

It is important to remember that whatever you apply on your skin has a direct effect on your body. So make sure you choose only high quality beauty products from a reliable brand and source.


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